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Dear Sir ; Subject : We are Manufacturing Steel Profiles, Roller Shutters, Blinds, Sliding Doors and Tubular Motors in Turkey We would like to introduce ourselves as a leading company in manufacturing of Rolling Shutters. Kepsan was established in 2005. The company is devoted and engrossed in manufacturing Rolling Shutters in last 7 decades was have designed and developed various Rolling Shutters to reach customer satisfaction. We also export our products to various countries. In this oceanic filed of Rolling Shutters we have earned trust and appreciation by winning many precious awards. We have put our incessant efforts in products development, quality control and efficient after sales service at site/Projects. Our strength is our work force, well trained and backed up by innovative qualified engineering staff. The company has a facility to manufacture various types of Rolling Shutters. We use our own brand KEPMOT tubular motors and KEPMOT rolling door motors in above mention shutter systems. Automatic shutters systems are now indispensable for the security from being a luxury into a necessity, a system that automatically decorative shutters are easy to use and can be used in all areas needed in view. UPS, remote control and its receiver are used in above mention ready to use shutter systems are also our own products. Galvanized steel shutter profiles and slatted shutter profiles produced in our own plant and painted in our own Electrostatic powder coating plants either. So we give painting services for the customer as well. Kepsan is seller of industrial door systems, overhead doors, sliding gate operators, barrier system, photoelectric doors and composite and glass facade systems. The range of our product line, good quality, and competitive prices have made us one of the fastest growing companies in the sector. Located in Istanbul -Turkey, we produce a wide variety of Shutters and accessory items. We prefer to cooperate with partners particularly specialized in delivering services. We guarantee both our quality and on time delivery of shipments. Our prices are very competitive, what will be beneficial for you and will help broaden your variety of product. As we offer our valued customers, automatic shutters prices, convenient options. Shutter prices vary according to the type and material to be used by m2. Auto Shutter standard price store, shop, office, garage, common areas, such as shutters, with the average price range for 3m2. Two standard types of remote control except aluminum panel assembly Accordingly, the desired color in order to determine the net price, specifications, contact us for factors such as the switch panel types will result in a more healthy. Call us to get information about payment options and campaigns .. As the foundations of our automatic blinds and shutters systems installation, spare parts, repair and service services. Serving all the districts of the city of Istanbul KEPSAN shutters and put into service in 2009 in Istanbul. In addition to being held in the manufacture of steel shutter systems implementing our company serves its with customers. Our company institutionalization, is the level of staff, product manufacturing strategy, marketing policies and customers. I do hope this gives you an insight into the our company information, we shall have much pleasure in sending you our catalogues with other data by mail or e-mail comprising fairly full selection of our latest b

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