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Turkey’s position in the global fruit juice market

17/06/2019 Turkey has a remarkable opportunity of growing as the most important concentrated fruit juice supplier in Europe and Middle East.

Turkey is a young industry compared to Europe, but it has improved rapidly its technological infrastructure and reached an equal position. The industry has sufficient and satisfactory fund of knowledge. In addition to this, the companies engaged in the fruit juice industry in Turkey follows and implements advanced technologies as used in Europe. And our facilities are in much better conditions and newer than the ones in Europe.

All of the companies engaged in the industry also have exporting activities. In this way, they have dynamism to closely follow up with the technological advancements instantly and are capable of production skills that allow them to become competitive in overseas markets.

The fact that MEYED has enhanced its position and role as the representative of the industry abroad has made great contributions to these advancements. MEYED has been a member International Federation of Fruit Juice Producers (IFU) since 1997, and European Association of Fruit Juice since 2005. We do not only represent the industry at the general assembly of these international federations and associations but also take active roles in technical, scientific and communication commissions. Furthermore, we have been in the Board of Directors of IFU since 2010.

By virtue of our active and successful works at international platforms, we are invited to speak at almost all of the international conventions. In this way, we have a unique opportunity of conveying Turkey’s power and potential to large groups of audience, and opening brand new gates for exports in the industry.